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nest tech

Digital Data Warehousing


Data is the pulse of your business, so here at Nest Tech we created AutoGather, a managed digital service that warehouses all your data in one securely hosted location in the cloud.

Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, AutoGather is a turn-key service providing a hassle-free view of all your business data with live dashboard metrics for analysis, reporting, planning, management and automated delivery. It’s quite simply smarter business technology.

AutoGather collects all your business data from internal software, external systems, in fact pretty much
anywhere, before channelling it all into one location, creating a data warehouse in the cloud. From there you
can add off-the-shelf or customised plug-in modules to implement a wide variety of tasks to suit the needs of
your operation.

Streamlined flow of information

Retain ownership of your own data

Improved data quality and consistency

Enhanced business intelligence

Improved reporting for better decision making

Competitive advantages

Confident forecasting

Supported data exchange with other businesses

Automate workflow and business processes

The AutoGather plug-in modules below are readily available and pre-programmed to deploy straight into
your AutoGather digital data warehouse environment.

Your data warehouse comes with a DevOps CI/CD environment, data catalogue, change release management processes. Followed up with industry leading integration and data engineers. We're here to help. You're welcome.

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Custom Plugins
All Your Way

We can create customised modules and also help create roadmaps based on your goals to get the most out of digital data warehousing.